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Create a Lottery for an NFT you own, Participate in Lotteries and possibly win a valuable NFT.

Create OC Crypto meme and open a Lottery for someone to win it.
Only Crypto related memes will be accepted


nft lottery ticket

Tickets will be bought with $IR token.

NFT Platform

The platform is going to be a standard NFT market as seen elsewhere, but instead of bidding, buying, and selling, each NFT is going to be a Lottery.

You'll be able to buy lottery tickets on the Polygon network to ensure the lowest fee possible when purchasing a ticket. The base ticket value will be 1.00$ (USD).

When you first register on the LotterySea platform you will get 10$ worth of tokens for free. You can do with them as you please, but you can also use them to participate in lotteries or to create a lottery of your own.

We plan to expand to other networks as soon as possible.

Uploaders and creators will have their own profiles.

There will also be contests for the best crypto memes with additional prizes (paid in $IR Tokens) for winners of the contest.


You will be able to add NFTs from the following networks:

ETH mainnet, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Aptos


  • ethereum
  • polygon
  • eth
  • solana
  • fantom
  • cronos
  • arbitrum
  • avalanche
  • aptos
$IR Tokenomics

Total supply: $IR

To be burned: 750.000.000 $IR

Final supply 250.000.000 $IR Token

Total buy/sell fee 10%

  • $IR Token is going to have 10% buy/sale fee (later 8%).
  • buy fee: 2% Buy back&burn until 250.000.000 total supply (then this fee no longer applies),
  • sell fee: 2% goes to Liquidity pool, and as above, enabled until end of burn.
  • 8% Treasury (Team, Marketing & Development, platform operational costs, etc.)

There are two limits when trading and transferring tokens until the end of the burn.

  • Max transaction amount is 1% of current supply.
  • Max sell amount is 0.3% of current liquidity tokens.
  • Max buy amount is 0.3% of current liquidity tokens.

This two limitations end when burn ends.

You will be able to check max amounts on our website at

Also when swapping tokens on Uniswap you need to adjust slippage to 15% due to fees.

Fees for Treasury (Development fund. Team, Marketing, Operational costs, etc.), are auto converted to ETH, no additional tokens will be collected!

Sales and distribution

* Airdrops are planned on the day of platform launch.
$IR token

Token will be the basis of 3 different projects. Each project will have a dedicated coder.

Team Tokens

Team gets to hold 1% of total token supply. No aditional tokens will be collected!


ETH from token sells for liquidity:
350.000.000 Uniswap Liquidity
50.000.000 Quickswap Liquidity

Projects Fund

Remaining ETH from sales go to Development fund for LotterySea platform development and future projects, Listings fund, paying artists, etc.

About NFT Lotteries

Would you like to sell an NFT, but you have problems selling it at the moment?

Put it up as a prize in a Lottery! You can always cancel the Lottery in case you are not satisfied with the number of tickets sold.
You can also upload an OC Crypto meme and create a Lottery for it - the same rules apply as those for the already minted NFTs.

Lotteries will run on the Polygon network (Lottery will be expanded to other networks ASAP).
At this time Lottery doesn't run on ETH main net - ticket fees would be too high.

How Lottery works:

You create a Lottery by filling out a form. The system creates a Solidity contract with the following parameters:

  • - Creator address
  • - NFT contract address
  • - Lottery contract address (where tokens are sent as tickets)
  • - Lottery execution time (required range: 7 - 30 days)
  • - Minimum tickets sales required to execute the Lottery (in USD)
  • - System adds 20% to the minimum automatically as Lottery fees.
  • - Network is also selected, and it can be: ETH main net, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche.


NFT owner puts up his NFT as a Lottery prize.

The creator of the OC Crypto meme puts it up to be minted as NFT and then also offered as a Lottery prize.
(only crypto memes will be accepted)

Drops from future partners will also be accepted, where users could participate in the Lottery by only paying transaction fees, or by buying tickets if partners prefer it that way.

Users send $IR tokens to a designated address. After Lottery time out expires (or a certain number of tickets has been sold), the amount sent is going to be converted to tickets of value - $1.00 USD per ticket. Upon the execution of the Lottery, the contract picks up a winner by a random number.

The lottery creator can also choose for the Lottery to be executed at a certain amount of tickets or by default if it is a timed Lottery.

To create a Lottery, a Lottery creator needs to send $IR token in value of $1 to the LotterySea vault address.

NFTs can be listed on any NFT platform (like for example) while Lottery is running. If your NFT is sold at that time and ownership changes, the Lottery is not terminated, but can no longer be canceled manually. If Lottery is executed, the new NFT owner can send the NFT to the lottery winner and get the ticket sales tokens instead of the previous owner. Tokens from the lottery ticket sales are ALWAYS sent to the address that sent NFT to the winner's address. If no one sends an NFT to the Lottery winner, the "Reserve draw"* is made.

To cancel the Lottery at any time, $IR token(s) in value of $1.00 + transaction fee needs to be sent from creator's address to the Lottery contract address. After the payment is received lottery is executed and a winner is picked. After that, if there are more than 100 participants a "Reserve draw"* is executed.

If execution time is reached, the Lottery is executed and a winner is picked. NFT owner has 48 hours to send the NFT to the lottery winner. If the Lottery winner's address gets the NFT from the NFT owner, ticket tokens are sent out as described below.

If Lottery ticket sales are lower than the Minimum required (+ 20%) at execution time, the Lottery is automatically canceled - all the tokens from the ticket sales are sent back to senders minus standard Polygon transaction fee.

If NFT is not sent to the Lottery winner's address, the Lottery contract is void and a "Reserve draw" is executed.

Reserve draw *

The lottery is executed and the Lottery winner gets the prize money instead of NFT, the rest is divided as described below.

"Prize money" breakdown:
  • Winner gets NFT
  • 80% of $IR Tokens from the ticket sales go to the previous NFT owner. Creators of the lottery can choose to pay a 20% fee, or 20% to be added to their asking price - in any case, the lottery creator gets 100% of his asking price. As you can see below we don't keep this fee.
  • 5% is divided between token holders on the Polygon network,
  • 8% goes to the Development & Marketing fund of $IR Token,
  • 2% goes to $IR Token Team,
  • 2% goes to Progressive Community Jackpot (Draw is held every last day of the month at 00:00),
  • 3x 1% go to 3 random participants of the Lottery
* Random number is going to be derived from external source.
NFT Lottery

Users put up NFTs as prizes for a lottery. They can also create an OC Crypto meme and put it up to be minted into an NFT when won in the lottery.

OC $IR NFTs as a Lottery prize

with just TX fee to participate

Weekly Contests

Weekly contests and giveaways will be held.


All ticket sales will run on Polygon to ensure low fees when buying lottery tickets. Other low-fee chains to be added later.

Multiple Chains

Lottery with NFTs from multiple chains can be created.

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